Welcome to Temporal Productions!

I’m Alexander Ehlers, aspiring filmmaker and founder of this humble little studio label. Over the past decade, I have endeavored to create a portfolio of cinematic work, of which most was released under this same name. However, since 2014, I have had to slow down in my artistic passion, virtually to a standstill.

No more. Temporal Productions is back, and I’m ready to earn the name and the views of you, my dear readers!

Here you’ll find my work, which includes short films, web series, video projects, and previews of upcoming work. Hopefully you will enjoy and keep coming back!

There’s more…

Did you know that I’m also The Movie Maestro? Who’s that, you ask?

The Movie Maestro is my film nut alter-ego, the name and banner by which I publish my critical reviews and analysis of the wonderful world of cinema. You can visit it here!